Saturday 7 June 2014


I decided I wanted to write a post, but I didn't know what about, so this is just a update of what I've been up to.

I've not been to Wagamama in years, and we were recently at The Lowry Outlet in Salford and decided to grab some tea after some shopping (I picked up some tiramisu hot chocolate from Whittards- it's not labelled as vegan but if you go on their website you can find which of their products are sfv).  I noticed a Wagamamas, and I had heard that they did vegan options.  You can find a list of their vegan options on their website, it's quite limited but you can ask for them to veganize other things on their menu. I wanted to keep it simple though and just ordered off their list.

For starter I had gyozas, I love gyozas however it's rare that I can find any that are sfv out and about. Being able to order them made me very happy.

For mains I went for yasai itame, which is vegetables and noodles in a coconut soup. This is something I wouldn't usually order, but it was quite nice and I was pleasantly surprised it contained tofu as well.

Pizza Express
I'm a member of a few vegan facebook groups and there has been a lot of excitement about the new vegan options at Pizza Express- the Pianta pizza and the Leggera Panzanella starter. We went recently and I decided to try the Pianta pizza- which comes with rocket, spinach, mushrooms, pine nuts and artichoke on a spicy tomato base. I'm a big fan of putting plenty of toppings on pizza, so this was perfect.

Lidl Finds
We have a Lidl quite close and they have got better at labeling their products that are sfv. On a recent visit, I picked up some new spinach wraps and some cassava crackers which were both labelled vegan friendly.

The wraps were nice enough, they didn't really taste strongly of spinach but had a pretty green hue to them and the cassava are a great substitute for prawn crackers. 

Eating In
I've been extremely busy at work recently, so on some nights the task of making tea falls to The Boy.  When he told me he had made curry containing chickpeas, kidney beans, broccoli, tinned tomatoes, coconut cream and red thai curry paste I was a little dubious. However it tasted amazing, so much so we made the same thing the week after. We added a little cornflour to thicken it up a bit.

Wednesday night in our house= wrap night, and is probably our favorite meal of the week. I usually try to make my own fillings, however as I've been so busy I decided to cheat and buy some Caldron falafels, along with some discounted falafel I found in ASDA. This was the best falafel wrap I've had in ages, I love stuffing it with lots of different sauces.  This one contained falafel (obvs), black olives, salad, hummus, salsa, soya yogurt and sweet chilli sauce!

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