Friday 6 March 2015

Sanskruti Review

My plan to blog more in my time off work hasn't exactly gone to plan.  I had two weeks without internet connection whilst changing supplier and the rest of my time has been taken up with job applications, interviews, gardening and volunteering for our local hospice's charity shop.  However I'm back online now with a bit of spare time.

A while back, we went to visit Sanskruti in Manchester.  It was a bit of a whim, and on the way their I texted my friend, Flash Gordonette for menu recommendations as I knew she had been before, she warned me that you need to book a table in advance. I gave them a ring and luckily they managed to squeeze us in.

The restaurant itself is vegetarian, but has plenty of vegan options which are clearly marked with a 'V' on the menu.  I decided to go with Flash's recommendations and for starters I went for the vegan shish kebab and we shared some poppadoms, because an Indian meal without poppadoms is just wrong.

It is served to the table sizzling, so it got the usual oohs and aahs that sizzling stuff usually gets. Shish kebab was never something I use to get on a regular basis, but as far as I remember the taste was pretty similar.  The only issue about the dish was that there was a bit too much for a starter for one, so if I got it again I'd probably get it to share.

Next course was another of Flash's recommendations, the malai kofta which isn't listed as vegan, but can be modified to be vegan if you ask. We also ordered rice and VEGAN garlic naan bread, I was so excited by the vegan naan! Rotis are nice enough, but nothing beats a garlic naan!

OMFG this was amazing! The sauce was creamy, but not too sickly. However I was disappointed that I only got two koftas.  After having this, I discovered the malai kofta recipe in Isa Does It, which has satisfied my cravings for this dish since then!

My cheese obsessed dining partners had cheesy courses (hence the lack of photos!) and we were all suitably stuffed after our starters and mains, so there was no need for dessert.  However when we got our bill, we were handed a huge tray of brightly coloured sweets to try and I couldn't resist grabbing a large handful.  To my despair I discovered that these were actually evil aniseed flavoured sweets which I then had to force myself to eat.  So be warned!

I loved this place, it's one of the best Indian meals I've had in a while and it was such a relief not to have to check that they didn't use ghee or drizzle everything with cream.  It's also on Just Eat and if I lived nearby I could see this place becoming our regular takeaway!

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