Sunday 5 July 2015

Mango, Wetherby

My Dad and his other half live in a little Yorkshire village called Tockwith, and their nearest town is a place called Wetherby.  Although Wetherby is a lovely picturesque town, it's one of those places that still think that vegetarians eat fish, however for some unknown reason, not only does the Morrisons sell Fry's nuggets and schnitzels (when the one in Bolton town centre doesn't) it has a vegetarian Indian restaurant called Mango.

I've been wanting to visit Mango for AGES but we just haven't got round to it, however last weekend we went to visit my Dad, and since I had just finished my Live Below The Line challenge I decided I deserved a nice vegan curry at Mango.

On walking in I was presently surprised, I'm so use to veg*n places either looking like canteens or looking a bit hippish, but Mango is well decorated and looks like a upmarket Indian and somewhere your everyday omnivore would feel comfortable in going and not feel intimidated by a load of "hippy Sh*t".  Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of the decor so just a imagine a modern looking restaurant with tasteful Hindu artwork.

Glancing at the menu, it didn't take me long to decide that why limit yourself to one curry when you could get a Thali, which included a starter, a main with three different curries, rice and bread and a dessert?! The Boy got a Mango Thali, which was bigger and came with five curries for the main.  I didn't go for that one as it didn't say there was a vegan option, I was kicking myself that when we ordered the waiter assumed he was vegan too and offered to veganize it- gutted!

Both thalis came with the same appetizer and starter which were served together.  The appetizer was a papad with a mango chutney, a bread made with black lentils and the starter was the the chef's starter, which was dhokra a kind of gram flour savoury cake.

It looked very fancy and I loved how they have formed the papad into a free standing cone, however the star was definitely the dhokra, which was like a very light cake but savoury.  I've never seen these anywhere else but I'll definitely look out for them next time I go for an Indian!

Next was the mains, little pots of three different curries- a daal, vegetable curry and my favourite, chana masala.  The Mango Thali has those three curries plus two more- a aubergine curry and a paneer curry, which obviously would be subbed for something else in the vegan version. This came with rice, bhatura, a kind of pomegranate chutney instead of raita, and what looked like puffed up poppadoms, which I've seen before and I'm sure has a special name that I can't remember!

My favourite curry was the chana masala, as always and I loved the bhatura, which looks like a naan bread and made of wheat flour, but is super light unlike a naan.  It was really tasty and it was great for dipping in the daal and because it was so light, I didn't feel like I'd just filled up on bread.

I was a bit worried about what the dessert might be, as although I love Indian food I don't really like the sweets, I was relieved that it was ice cream, especially since I was feeling pretty stuffed after the main and I find that ice cream is a good dessert when you need to something refreshing and not heavy after a big meal.  It was an added plus that they had vegan ice cream, which I'm pretty sure was just vanilla Swedish Glace, so nothing fancy but I happen to love Swedish Glace ice cream and the added chopped pistachios was a nice touch and gave it a bit of a boost.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the dessert.  Bu picture a small bowl of vanilla ice cream with pistachios and your there!

I was really impressed with Mango, and the presentation was stunning plus they were super clean- our waiter was wiping down the table after each course! I can't wait for the opportunity to visit again.


  1. Oh wow, this place sounds great. Off to show Matt your review!

  2. Does look like a lovely place, and I love the presentation. Lovely to stumble upon your blog, I am not vegan, but vegetarian - I do however, Cook lots of vegan recipes, and look forward to exploring your blog more.

    1. Hi Shaheen, thank you! I hope you find something you like :-)