Tuesday 19 June 2012

Restaurant Review: The Great Kathmandu, Didsbury

This last two months have been a little indulgent, with so many birthdays and Father's days etc. etc.

Anyway, one of these indulgences involved a visit to The Great Kathmandu in Didsbury, Manchester.

The Great Kathmandu was founded in 1987 and offers traditional Nepalese cuisine in the lovely area of Didsbury.

The first thing that you notice as you sit down and look at the menu is that there is much more on offer than the typical dishes you expect at Asian restaurants, which is great for me because I like to try new things and I can't stand it when you go to a restaurant and every single dish is familiar.

There is a wide range of vegetarian food, in fact a whole section of the menu is devoted to it (rather than the usual 'same sauce, just with the veg instead of the meat') and a lot of thought had obviously been put into the vegetarian options.  There are vegetarian starters but the do not seem to appear on the online menu for some reason?!

I also liked the poster in the window that said 'Keep Calm and Eat Curry', it definitely made me laugh but at the same time, it's so true- the UK has fully embraced Asian food, and food from all other cultures for that matter.  I think Jamie Oliver is right, we ARE a nation of magpies when it comes to food!

I ordered the Muttar Paneer, which is paneer cheese and peas, as I had a craving for paneer and anything with peas gets my vote!  Plus, since The Boys (The Boy plus twin) were present we also ordered a paneer starter as well. The service was good, the waiters were friendly, the food was lovely and reasonably priced. The portions were just right and weren't too filling, and the only issue was the cheese nans, which The Boys ordered, apparently we're that cheesy- although I think they were expecting cheese to come oozing out, so I'm not too concerned by that! We did have the issue of table too small for all the dishes, but that seems to be an issue at most Asian restaurants.  Unfortunately, again I forgot my camera so there are no photos.

I would definitely recommend Kathmandu, and it is worth a visit.

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