Wednesday 27 June 2012

Vegetarian Beans and Sausages.

Sometimes beans on toast can be a bit, well, unsatisfying and monotonous so I don't actually eat it that often.

But, as a child I LOVED the tins of beans and sausages you could get, it just added that little something to just plain old beans on toast.  But as a veggie, this is something I have to say good bye to, or so I thought...

This week is moving week, so I was after meals that would be quick to cook (I have a lot to do still in preparation), cheap, reasonably nutritious and wouldn't require ingredients that I would have left over (therefore more things to take over).  Reluctantly I decided on beans on toast.

However, when I went to procure said beans from my local ASDA I found that they now sell VEGETARIAN sausages and beans! Woo Hoo!

They taste as good as the non-veggie sausages and beans (although I doubt that the normal sausages actually contain that much meat anyway!) and they have made meals this week a bit more bearable.  Probably not the healthiest of options, but then I'm sure I can cope for 4 days.

I try not to make a habit of shopping at supermarkets, and try where possible to use independent shops, but it's not always easy to do with busy lives, especially when independent shops insist on sticking to 9-5 opening hours. However ASDA do some great veggie stuff, including vegetarian chocolate mousse (although there low fat version contains gelatine!) and I think all (if not a great deal) of their vegetarian frozen food is approved by the vegetarian society.

So if, like me, you're a veggie hankering after childhood memories of tinned beans and sausages head to your local ASDA!

*Having read this, it seems like I'm promoting ASDA, and I would like to therefore add that I am NOT receiving any payment in any form (including freebies) from ASDA or the Walmart company and all opinions are my own.

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