Saturday 28 July 2012

Mary McCartney's Spicy Nutty Stir Fry

Phew, long time no blogging.  However, course is now finished and moving is now completed so now I have a bit more time, and so many blog ideas!

One of the advantages of my new place is the kitchen is more functional.  I've gone from a tiny kitchen that was designed for students (i.e. big enough to make beans on toast!) to a kitchen where I have multiple cupboards and plenty of workspace.  This has certainly allowed me to be more creative in the kitchen as I now have the space to cook and the storage capacity to store more ingredients.

I have become quite obsessed with buying both the Cook Vegetarian and Vegetarian Living magazines on a monthly basis, one month Vegetarian Living had a free booklet with tasters for Mary McCartney's new cookbook- Food and this is where I found this recipe for 'Yummy Spicy Rice Noodles'.  This has now become a new favourite to cook, however I tend to vary the type of noodles I have and the veg I put in and just make the sauce to the recipe.

This recipe is so good and the sauce is delicious, when I first made it, I was making it for one and miscalculated the sauce and made it too runny. After eating it I shamefully tried to drink the rest of the sauce straight from the dinner plate!

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