Sunday 2 September 2012

Review: QZine, Clitheroe

Wow, I'm finding it so hard to get back into the habit of blogging, but hopefully the tips I picked up on a recent Time Management course should help matters (using the idea of 'Power Hours' I've already managed to blitz a load of house hold chores, including starting cleaning my fridge freezer, something I've been putting off for ages!). Plus, a trip to Clitheroe provided me with inspiration...

After wandering through Clitheroe, around 2pm after not having any breakfast or lunch, I was starved, and seeing signs for steak Canadian- the only time I use to eat steak by choice, was starting to make me regret my choice to go veggie (that and my occasional craving for smoked salmon!).

Then we came across QZine (holding page atm), which is tucked away inside Swan Court, towards Clitheroe castle. Granted, it wasn't an entirely vegetarian menu, but the vegetarian options were plentiful- even The Boy ended up choosing a veggie meal!  The veggie food mainly centred around middle eastern cuisine, but there was a veggie lasagne, and maybe others- I wasn't looking, as soon as I saw the word falafel I became blind to anything else.  I opted for a falafel wrap with a smoke BBQ sauce, and the boy for a meze dish. Unfortunately, the batteries on my camera ran out (or at least thats what I'm hoping the probem is!) so no photos :-(

I would say that the prices are reasonable, for my meal plus chips, The Boys and a glass of rose, pint of beer it was £20, so not dirt cheap but the food was good, and The Boy's meal (the most expensive of the two) was huge! And the staff are really friendly, plus when you've stuffed your face with gorgeous food you can burn off the calories with a walk/run up to the castle, which is just down the road :-)

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