Sunday 23 September 2012

Carrot and Ginger Soup

In May this year, I volunteered at The Vegetarian's Society's Meat Free in Manchester event which kicks off National Vegetarian week and was delighted when I was allocated to help out in the cookery theatre.

I spent most of my time backstage helping to wash up all the dishes used during demonstrations ready for the next act.  One of the demonstrators who I got the privilege of meeting was 'Queen of Vegetarian Cooking', Rose Elliot who was a delight to talk to, and I got a little bit star struck!

Rose was also promoting the new edition of her best selling cookbook 'New Complete Vegetarian' and was doing book signings after demonstrating a Thai bean cakes, Thai curry (with red and green Thai paste) and chocolate avocado mousse. And I'm proud to say I now own a signed copy of the book- it is also the first signed thing I have ever owned!

Anyway, one of the recipes in the book (which is HUGE!) is carrot and ginger soup.  Before making this soup, I had never made soup before, but this soup is so easy (you don't even need to have pre-prepared vegetable stock) and is very tasty.  I now own a Thermos flask so decided to make a batch this weekend for work lunches.


The recipe also says to season to taste with salt and black pepper (which I always forget, in general I'm quite bad at remembering to season food) and suggests garnishing with parsley, again something I don't bother with.

This is a really nice alternative to the traditional carrot and coriander soup, especially if like me you're not too keen on coriander, plus it's quite easy to make and is also quite low calorie and healthy.

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