Tuesday 25 September 2012

Graze Box Review

I was sat in work last week, bored and hungry- a dangerous combination!

I'd heard of Graze boxes before after a friend raved about them and I thought they would prevent me grazing on more unhealthy treats in the office (as I write this, I'm eating a stawberry and cream lolly!).  So after finding a promotional code for a free box I decided to give it a go.

Firstly, you have to create an account and put in payment details, this assumes that after the free box you will continue and buy a box on a weekly basis for a cost of £3.89, although you can apparently cancel anytime and you can put in holidays so a box isn't delivered when you're away.  You are also asked to choose a day for your box to be delivered, the default is one box a week but you can have more than one.  Boxes are sent out via Royal Mail and the delivery cost is included in the price of the box and are small enough to fit through a standard letter box so there is no need to wait in or have to collect it from a post office.  Plus you can get it sent to either your home or a work address.

Once this bit is done, then comes the fun part- you can then browse through their ranges and click on things you love, like, would like or try or 'bin' and you will get a selection of things minus the 'binned' items to try each week. 

I put my delivery date as a Monday, and requested for the delivery to come to my home address as my work's post room can sometimes get a bit funny about personal post (the odd order from amazon is fine, but they may get a little suspicious with weekly deliveries!).  At the weekend, I got an email to tell me the contents of my box and to let me know it had been despatched:

- Olives with garlic and chilli
- the herb garden (oregano rice crackers, crispy peanuts and baked herb bites)
- My thai (baked soy bites with sweet chilli sauce)
- Yin and Yang (Belgian dark chocolate, almonds, jumbo raisins and cherries)

The box was delivered on Monday as promised and did fit through the letter box easily.  Which was a relief, our postman has an irritating habit of putting parcels too big to go through the letter box in the outside bins.  Not too bad if it's the paper bin, but when he chooses the green food bin (which also happens to be the one FURTHEST away from the front door!) it gets a bit messy, plus you have to turn the bin on it's side and fish the parcel out with a mop handle and given the weather in Bolton recently, I did NOT fancy doing that! Anyway I was restrained enough not to open it straight away and waited until I brought it into work today:

I'm trying not to eat them all on one day, so I had the olives today- I love olives (apart from when they leave the stones in, I don't care if it preserves more flavour, I'm too bloody impatient to be nibbling around a stone!) so they couldn't do much wrong there.  Now the question is, what will be tomorrows choice? Decisions, decisions!

Free Graze Box!!!
If you fancy giving Graze a go, follow this link claim your first box free!

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