Friday 1 March 2013

Simple chocolate brownies (vegan)

I love chocolate brownies, and whenever I attend a food and drink festival (which is a lot), when it comes to dessert time, I make a beeline for the brownies.

So it's a bit of a puzzle as to why it has took me so long to make them myself, I think I was mainly put off by recipes requiring brownie tins, which I don't have. Which is also a reason I don't make cakes that often, they always specify a certain size cake tin, and to be honest, I can't be arsed measuring my cake tins to find out the size!

But no longer shall I be deprived of brownie goodness, for I used a ceramic oven proof casserole dish thing that I acquired from somewhere, I love this dish I can cook everything and anything in it!

I stumbled across this vegan brownie recipe by accident on the BBC, I wasn't particularly looking for a vegan recipe, but it seemed pretty simple and I do have a slight obsession with vegan baking at the moment and it is so misunderstood- some of the best cakes I've made have been vegan, and people are always surprised how good it tastes.

So here is the finished product, I think they would have looked nicer sprinkled with a little icing sugar, but I didn't have any.

They kind of fell apart a bit when taking them out the dish, but that may just be to do with my poor plating skills! Due to the soya milk they were lovely and moist inside, but they needed to cool a bit to firm them up a bit, although that didn't stop me from eating them straight from the oven!

They tasted different to normal brownies, but they were still nice, I gave some to The Boys parents and the rest I took to work. Nobody commented that they tasted different and they disappeared quicker that anything else I've baked so maybe it was just me who could taste the difference, maybe I'm some sort of chocolate brownie connoisseur? I've certainly eaten enough of them!

This is the kind of recipe you could play with, in fact I'm planning on trying this recipe with the addition of peanut butter, maybe some chocolate chips? Orange? Or maybe that chocolate soya milk I bought may work well...?

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