Sunday 27 April 2014

Food Blogs

In my previous post, I wrote about my favorite cookbooks, however I actually get most off my recipes off blogs. I just find other people's recipes more realistic than in some cookbooks as they use everyday ingredients. Also you can ask the author questions about whether they think a certain substitution would work.

So here are a few of my favorite blogs:

We Don't Eat Anything With A Face

This is actually a vegetarian food blog, but vegan recipes are clearly marked and a lot of them can be easily veganised, the author is a working Mum of two so the recipes are perfect if you don't have a lot of time. A couple of favorites:
All these recipes are great for using up apples if you happen to find yourself overloaded with apples from the apple tree in your garden, like we do every year!!!

Flash Gordonette

My friend from University, and fellow vegan who is a massive Queen fan (hence the blog name), here you will find great seitan recipes (really want to try the vegan kebab recipe at some point), the famous Vegan Carrot Cake :-) and the easiest hummus recipe ever- there isn't even a need to peel a garlic clove!

The Vegan Stoner

The main reason I love this blog is because instead of listing the ingredients, they draw pictures of them instead, and where possible make the pictures funny, for example a pack of frozen vegetables is drawn as a carrot and broccoli (I think?) in coats, in the snow looking quite cold! The other reason is the recipes are very easy- are you getting the theme here???

The Post Punk Kitchen

No vegan food blog list would be complete without a mention of the Queen of Vegan Cooking's blog.  The Post Punk Kitchen (or PPK as it's affectionately known) is Isa Chandra Moskowitz creation.  I love Isa's witty writing style and this website is more than just a food blog, it's a whole community for like minded people. There are so many great recipes, and Isa often puts recipes from here cookbooks on her blog so it's great to get a taste of what kind of thing you can expect from the cookbook before buying it.

  • Chickpea Cutlets- a great introduction to using wheat gluten.
  • Quarter Pounder Beet Burgers- Beets= beetroot! If you're not a fan of aniseed you might want to swap the fennel seeds for something else. Maybe cumin seeds???
  • Meaty Beany Chili- I'm a big fan of anything I can whack in a slow cooker and come home to a ready made tea.  I also love the video, Isa rocks!
I could go on and on, but I think three recommendations are enough!

Amuse Your Bouche

I use Pintrest a lot to create a online scrapbook of recipes (click here to view my profile and take a look around) which is where I discovered this blog. Wednesday in our house is wrap night, which usually translates to mexican food and her Slow Cooker lentil quinoa tacos and Lentil and black bean tacos are regular Wednesday night staples (although we just usually serve them in soft tortillas rather than taco shells). 

Top With Cinnamon

I found this blog when someone on Facebook mentioned her Healthy 3 Ingredient Chocolate Fudge Sauce, naturally I was intrigued- healthy, easy chocolate fudge sauce? What is not to love!  The author of the blog is only 18, and having started her blog at the age of 15 has manage to write her own cookbook which will be published later this year, all whilst studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths at A level!

This is not a vegan blog, neither is it vegetarian, however the author has awareness of vegan cooking and is able to come up with some vegan recipes- despite being an omni herself!

It can take a while to find the vegan recipes in the recipe archive section, however the blog is definitely worth a look- amazing recipes (single serving desserts), beautiful pictures and posts are very well written.

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