Sunday 4 May 2014

Vegan Survival Guide; Trafford Centre

The beauty of this blog post is as well as being a guide to eating out as a vegan at the Trafford Centre, it is also a bit of a guide for eating out in chain restaurants in general.

Last year, me and The Boy had a thing of going out for tea every Wednesday evening at the Trafford Centre. This soon stopped after I worked out how much we were spending a month, and pointed out that this could be going towards a new car, much to The Boy's dismay.

However, as I was making the transition towards veganism at the time I managed to suss out some vegan friendly chain restaurants:


I haven't been to the one in the Trafford Centre, but I have been to one elsewhere. They do have a vegan menu, but you'll need to ask for it, or if you email beforehand they will send you a copy.  It's not a very extensive menu, but it's better than nothing. I went for bruschetta, tomato and basil pasta and a lemon sorbet.

Tomato and basil pasta- I started eating it before remembering to take a picture! 

La Tasca 

I haven't ate here yet, however I'm informed that it does have vegan options.

Las Iguanas

Has a separate vegetarian and vegan menu, which you can ask for.  I've been twice and have had Holy Guacamole (you're given guacamole ingredients with some chips and you make your own- perfect if people aren't keen on some of the ingredients that are usually in guacamole), gringas and the bahia moqueca curry.

Bahia Moqueca Curry- you get a HUGE Pot of the curry, which is not in the picture.

The Mardi Gras (Wetherspoons)

The Trafford Centre Wetherspoons is quite pleasant, as there is a lack of drunken old leary men! Great for cheap grub and I think the whole of the Vegan community knows that on the Curry Night (Thursdays) the veggie curry is vegan if you sub the naan for extra poppadums. You can go large and add on an onion bhaji and samosa, as they are also vegan. If you go on any night apart from Thursday, the new Freedom Salad is vegan and they've stopped glazing their jacket potatoes with egg (weirdos) so you can have a jacket potato with beans, beans are not listed on the menu as a jacket potato filling but if they ask for it they will oblige. Their website allows you to filter for dietary requirements, which is really useful.


The veggie pitta can be vegan if you ask for it without mayonnaise, I usually have it with peri peri fries and corn on the cob. You can find more guidance here.

Pizza Express

Not been to the one in the Trafford Centre, but been to ones elsewhere. They have a new starter (Leggera Panzanella) and pizza (Pianta) that are suitable for vegans. In addition, you can ask for any veggie pizza to be veganised, just by removing the cheese as the bases and tomato sauce are vegan. The raspberry sorbet is vegan, and the Caffe Reale can be veganised by removing the mascarpone, however it comes with a coffee and they do not have soya milk.  The allergen menu is probably the best place to start.

Pizza Hut 

Again, bases and tomato sauce are vegan, so you can ask for no cheese to make any veggie pizza vegan. See their allergen menu.


Label their vegan dishes with a 'VE' on the menu, not a massive amount of choice but all very yummy!

Yang Sing Cafe

I love this place! I can't resist their fried salt and pepper tofu and they do mock chicken dishes.  Their pasty contains egg, so dumplings are out unfortunately. They have a dedicated vegetarian section of the menu.

Fried salt and pepper tofu (bean curd)

Vegan Chicken in Kung Po sauce

YO! Sushi (inside Selfridges)

This place is dangerous! We have to set ourselves a strict budget when we go here because it's so easy to get carried away. Their allergen menu is very good, I have it downloaded on my phone and have it open when I'm choosing things off the conveyer belt. I miss their avocado maki as they put mayonnaise in it but at least I can still have the cucumber maki.

Giraffe- a side note!

The chain Giraffe do a Phod Malay Noodles main that is vegan, however this is not available at the Trafford Centre restaurant (boo hiss- we should start a petition!). But it's useful to know if you go to other locations.

Right I've been for noms, but I also want to shop for vegan stuff!

Body Shop

So the body shop do not test on animals, but they are own by a company that does. Make your own mind up, I'm not one to judge. They aren't exclusively vegan (I know some products contain honey) so make sure you check.

Holland and Barrett

For all your fake cheese and meat needs, I like to look out or stuff that is discounted because it's coming up to it's best before date!

Hotel Chocolat

Mark their chocolate that are suitable for vegans.  Mmm posh vegan chocolate *Homer like drooling*


Of course, the Trafford Centre has a Lush, to fulfil all your bath bomb needs.


Have a 'Free From' section, however you could probably buy stuff cheaper elsewhere.  But if you live in the wilderness you may want to take advantage of it!

Win Naturally

I would usually walk past this shop, as it looks like a sports nutrition shop and I'm not the athletic type. However it isn't really a sports nutrition shop and they do sell vegan products, including Moo Free chocolate bars!

I hope you found this guide useful, and it's nowhere near complete, so comment below if you have suggestions and I'll add them in.


  1. I love Nando's, even if the choice of main is limited! x

  2. To be fair, my favourite part is the peri peri fries!

  3. Barburrito also do very tasty vegan options :)