Friday 21 November 2014

Orchard Pig Cider

Recently, I tweeted the lovely people at Orchard Pig to inquire if their their cider was vegan. When they confirmed it was I decided to be a bit cheeky and ask for a few samples to review for the blog and was delighted when they agreed!

A couple of days later I came to find a case of Orchard Pig Cider waiting for me, along with a premium chewing straw.

The case included two bottles of dry cider (Truffler) and a bottle of their medium cider (Reveller). They also do a third cider, Charmer which is another medium cider.

The Boy and I started on a bottle of the Truffler between us, whilst watching Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2 (it's a bit of a tradition to watch the box set on the lead up to Christmas however I got too excited and started a bit early this year).

We both really liked this cider, it had a lovely crisp taste with a tinge of sweetness and wasn't too fizzy.

As we were sharing a bottle between us, we were able to crack open the bottle of Reveller.  Again, this was a nice cider, not as crisp as the Truffler and a bit sweeter.  Although we both agreed we preferred the Truffler, we still really enjoyed this one.

I would definitely buy these ciders, and I would like to try their Charmer cider as well.  You can now find their Truffler cider at Wetherspoons on their Craftwork menu- a great choice after you've finished your free drink that came with your veggie curry for Curry Club on Thursday ;-)!

Disclosure: Orchard Pig sent me three bottles of their cider to review, I was not required to write a posiive review and opinions expressed are my own.  I have not be paid or asked to include Wetherspoons in this blog post- I just really like their curry night!

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  1. Not heard of this brand before. I like a glass of cider now and again, will have to look out for it!