Monday 1 December 2014


It was my birthday in November (5th November to be exact), and because I had to work on my birthday this year, we decided to take a few day trips the weekend before instead.

The first place we went is Sheffield. If you read my blog often enough, you will know I'm a bit obsessed with Yorkshire, and I really love Sheffield.  The first place we visited was Steel City Cakes for a spot of dinner and cake (of course!). It's a bit of a trek from the train station, but the fact that this place has an entirely vegan food menu made up for it,

I was ecstatic when I discovered that they also did vegan milkshakes, so I went for a chocolate milkshake and a BBQ tofu toasted sandwich.  The lovely waitress who was wearing an awesome Griffidor t shirt "persuaded" me to get chips with my sandwich.

I loved the chocolate milkshake.  I've always been a milkshake fan and it makes me sad that I can't have them anymore, this one came with chocolate syrup which made it even more special. The tofu sandwich was OK, nothing to rave about but I was trying to avoid anything too filling.

We just about had room for dessert and although the cake selection wasn't entirely vegan, the majority of them were. In fact there was one case of cakes plus two cake stands of vegan cakes compared to one case of non-vegan cake.  However when they told me their vegan cheesecake of the day was mint chocolate I was sold.

This was uber rich and chocolatey, and I couldn't managed to eat the huge slice I got served but they gave me a box to take it away and it made for an indulgent breakfast the next day.

We ended the day with a visit to The Red Deer, which is a real ale pub that serves a variety of vegan ales and drinks as well as vegan food. When we walked in, we were hit by the wonderful smell of their homemade mulled wine and apple juice.  Although the mulled wine wasn't vegan, the barmaid suggested adding a shot of spiced rum to a glass of their mulled apple juice, which worked very well!

The next day we decided to visit The Globe pub in Glossop for lunch, which is a vegan friendly pub with an entirely vegan food menu (not all their drinks are vegan so you make sure to check). I chose the hot dog with curly fries and The Boy went for their hot dog rolls- which are vegan sausages wrapped in pastry and then deep fried, along with more curly fries.  We also got a portion of black peas, which were polished off before I remembered to take a picture.  As usual we got huge portions at an extremely reasonable price.

Although the main was tasty, it wasn't the reason I wanted to visit- they also make their own vegan cakes and ice creams that come in a variety of flavours.  Last time I went for the butterscotch cake with maple and walnut ice cream, but this time I opted for their ginger cake with "After Nines" ice cream, which is like After Eights in ice cream form. The Boy went for butterscotch cake and bonfire toffee ice cream.

Both were really nice (of course I tried both cakes and ice cream, it's not often we get to share food!) however I don't think I would get the after nine ice cream again, I much preferred the maple and walnut however there are so many others to try!

After polishing off our meal, we did the walk from Glossop train station to Hadfield, which ended up with me stepping in a huge puddle of mud going through a farmers field.  I was not happy, as I was wearing my brand new trainers which got covered in mud.  However, we did get to see some majestic peacocks on the way.