Sunday 26 April 2015

Tropic Skincare

Just over a week ago I started a new job, however in order to have a better work-life balance I had to take a pay cut and in addition the experience of being made redundant has made realise that it's good to have a back up plan. Like most people, I've always dreamed of being my own boss and having the opportunity to work from home, but setting a business up from scratch takes a level of creativeness, motivation and drive which I don't necessarily have.

Tropic Skincare is a company developed by Susan Ma, who was an Apprentice candidate. Although Susan didn't win the Apprentice Alan Sugar was so impressed with Susan's idea that he invested anyway!  Their products are completely natural and lack the long complicated chemicals that you often find in other cosmetics and in addition, they are both BUAV and Vegan Society approved.

After doing some research myself and testing some of their products I decided to sign up, and earlier this week I received my starter pack.

Ambassadors are encouraged to try the products in the starter kits themselves, which I did and I'm now in love with their products.  Over the next few weeks I'll be doing a few posts reviewing some of the products. But for now, you can check out my Ambassador website.

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