Sunday 13 September 2015

Vegan MoFo Day 13- Kitchen Tour

Yay! Another MoFo post I can actually take part in :-)

Last year during MoFo I went to Barcelona for a few days, and so I didn't miss out on posting for MoFo I did a very detailed tour of my kitchen, so I'm going to be really lazy and just link to last year's posts:

Kitchen Tour Part 1

Kitchen Tour Part 2

Kitchen Tour Part 3

So as not to appear proper lazy, here is a new picture of our fridge, we've probably acquired more fridge magnets than last time as people have started to get them us a presents when they go away. We now have a cow one that has a clip on it that's useful for keeping notices on. I also got a new postcard yesterday off my friend India (see her blog here) that says "No. I don't miss cheese". As someone who was never a big cheese fan anyway, I really identify with it.

Looking forward to seeing everyone else's kitchen, cos I'm nosey like that!

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