Friday 18 May 2012

Country Vegetable Pie.

This week, The Boy had the week off, and his parents were on holiday and offered the use of the family home for the week. This turned out to be cooking heaven, as I'm use to my tiny little kitchen with one single cupboard for supplies and a small work surface (even a simple meal of beans on toast can result in the place looking like a bomb site!). Instead this week I had the use of a large family size kitchen which is well equipped and stocked.  So I put it to good use...

The Boy's Mum's has received was Mary Berry's updated Complete Cookbook as a recent birthday present, which we were told we were quite welcome to use. So I did!

I came across Mary's recipe for County Vegetable Pie and decided to give it a go, adding my own twist including the addition of sweetcorn and peas (not enough things contain sweetcorn and peas!), substituting the ordinary potato topping with sweet potato (The Boy's suggestion) and adjustments to the cooking instructions.

I really need to work on my 'pot to plate' technique with pies!

The result went down well, I was a bit worried by the parsley sauce as I'm not a big fan of creamy sauces but this was quite nice. I've attempted to freeze the leftovers, and I'm hoping this won't effect the taste. There were quite a few good vegetarian recipes in the book (a whole section on vegetarian recipes, plus a few more dotted about in different sections) so I will definitely be 'borrowing' the book more often!


  1. I might just give this one a go! Looks yummy!

  2. Thanks for submitting this for my National Vegetarian Week roundup. It looks gorgeous! I think I will trying this out soon. I actually have a rather large sweet potato in the fridge just now. I looked at it yesterday and wondered what I could make.

    The roundup will be up soon :)