Saturday 5 May 2012

D.I.Y Bean 'burgers' roti wrap.

The Boy was coming over. I needed an idea for tea, that wouldn't cost a fortune. I also had some rotis left over from the curry I've been eating during the week.

So I opened May's Cook Vegetarian and flicked to Rose Elliot's Veggie Bites, my eyes were drawn to D.I.Y. bean burgers, so I decided to have my first ever attempt making bean burgers.  Using the rotis as an alternative to a traditional tortilla wrap.

1 tin of kidney beans, 1 tin of cannellini beans, drained (you can use any beans, a tin of mixed beans would work well, but I couldn't find any)
Spring onions (chopped)
Paprika (the original recipe says mixed herbs)
Soy sauce
Cheese (I wanted to leave this out, but The Boy being a cheese nut insisted!)
4 Rotis

1) Mash the beans
2) Stir in the spring onions, soy sauce, paprika and cheese (the amount which you add is up to you)
3) Make mixture into individual burgers and fry in oil until browned.
4) Heat a frying pan and warm up the rotis, 15 seconds per side
5) Place bean burgers in middle of rotis, add salad and sauces and wrap!

My attempt refused to stay together, I'm not too sure if this was because I didn't mash the beans enough (I really need a better masher!) or because I was trying to be healthy and didn't use enough oil.  I think the latter may be the case as The Boy eventually took over the frying process and added a lot more oil than I did, and his seemed to stay together better!  Alternatively, adding egg to the recipe would perhaps help the gluing process.

Anyway, since they were used in a wrap, it didn't matter too much that they didn't stay together and they were still tasty. And the grand total came to £2.42, but could be made cheaper.

You can see in this picture why I called this post 'bean burgers'.
This picture was taken before the addition of relish

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