Tuesday 1 May 2012

Why buy high welfare meat

I came across a shocking video today via twitter regarding Animal Equality's undercover investigation into East Anglican Pig Company, which is quoted as "the third largest pork producer and leading supermarket supplier in the UK". 

Please be aware the below video has graphic scenes that some viewers may find distressing (me being one, I watched it once and can't bring myself to watch it again)

Although I think that the end message pleading with people to become vegan somewhat spoils the video (I don't think trying to guilt trip people into going vegan is the way to gain support) I still find the video shocking.

I don't think many of us realise how animals in the meat industry are really treated, I think we have this nice vision of pigs running around and being happy and being treated with dignity and respect- but from this video this isn't always the case.  OK, so (hopefully!) this is a one off case, and since this footage has been taken the farms shown are under investigation- but how can we be sure? The scary thing is this company provides major supermarkets in the UK, and how many of us check the welfare standards of the pigs that made our bacon? Or do we go for the cheapest?

It's likely that people's desire to eat meat regularly, and to pay less for it has gone to increase the need for intensive farming methods as shown in the video.

I really do not want this blog to turn in another vegetarian blog ranting about how "meat is murder" because I don't believe that is the best way to get a message across, and I don't think meat is murder, but I disagree with the way meat is produced and therefore have chose to become vegetarian. However, I would urge people, PLEASE try and buy high welfare meat, it may mean that you may have to cut down on the meat you eat but you're not going to keel over from a few meat-free meals. And it will stop incidents like this occurring again.

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