Monday 28 January 2013

Bean and sausage hotpot

Oh the weather outside is frightful...

I've not posted in a while due to a combination of Christmas, work, eating mainly beans on toast and Heinz tomato soup and finally a rekindled love of reading causing a newly found obsessing with Harry Potter.

But now Christmas is over, work/life balance has been restored, Harry Potter books all read and I've grown sick of beans on toast and soup!

I came across this recipe for bean and sausage hotpot in a Vegetarian Society booklet I picked up last spring and I have wanted to give it a go for a while.  It's pretty simple to make, the ingredients can be found in any reasonably stocked kitchen and it's cheap. Not to mention yummy, especially with some warm crusty bread.  As you can see in the picture below, I've a weak spot for bread!

You can make it vegan just by using vegan sausages, which don't have to be expensive- Mary McCartney sausages are vegan and are currently on offer at Lidl- 99p a pack, or ASDA are doing 2 for £3.  I chose to grill them instead of frying (the slightly burnt appearance of the sausages are due to my crappy grill).  Another of my favourite veggie sausages are Cauldron sausages, but they can be pricey unless you get them on offer.

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