Saturday 2 February 2013

Memories of Mallorca and home-made paella (Vegan)

We went to Mallorca last summer (third time) and whilst there I had my first ever paella.

Vegetarian food was pretty hard to come by where we were, although the fact that was 35-40C during the day meant that my appetite was non-existent (apart from ice-cream cravings!) so it wasn't too much of an issue.  It was so hot I couldn't even face the thought of eating any of the GIANT olives on the market stalls.

Despite this, we managed to find a handful of places with decent vegetarian options- one of them did vegetarian paella. This was probably the only Spanish thing I ate throughout the trip, the only other places that did decent meat free options were Italian (expensive restaurant with a great view of the sunset on the beach, but couldn't remove the stones from the olives on my pizza), a Chinese place and an Indian with cute and ingenious serving plates!

Anyway, during the Christmas holidays, The Boy decided to try and recreate our trip by making a paella, being using this recipe. The recipe says to use any rice, but he got paella rice anyway.  We added a squeeze of lemon juice to add to the flavour.

The recipe is pretty good so I made some more for tonight's tea, served with a ginger ale is a wine glass made from a recycled beer bottle!

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