Monday 11 February 2013

I Heart Leicester! Part 1

I really really do!

My love affair with Leicester all started in November 2010 when I first started dating The Boy, who is doing a medical degree at Leicester University.

I remember helping him move into his new digs and walking from Leicester station to Leicester Royal Infirmary at stupid o'clock on a cold November morning, laden with as many of his possessions as humanly possible. I then spent a week in Leicester,  entertaining myself most of the day whilst he was in lectures.

You'd think that walking round Leicester city centre every day for five days, would get boring, but it didn't because LEICESTER rules! Or maybe I just have a high boredom threshold/memory of a goldfish, but each to their own!
Leicester's New Walk area. A fully pedestrianised walkway, even cycling is forbidden!

I decided to do a dedicated post (or two) to the city, as The Boy is due to finish his studies this year, and we (me, and The Boy's parents) went to visit the Midlands last weekend and (apart from his graduation) this may be the last visit to Leicester for a long time *sob*

First thing, we arrive in Leicester around midday after a 3 hour(ish) drive, by this time I could eat a horse -unfortunately I am vegetarian, and also Findus has recalled it's lasagne so I had to settle for Muffin Break.  I went for the home made vegetable pasta bake (look at it, it's a work of art!) and a mango and passion fruit smoothie which was delicious, for once being healthy and resisting a chocolate milkshake paid off!

We then walked around the town centre for a while, where we all decided we should all pitch in some money and buy one of the giant £65 Easter eggs they were selling in John Lewis and I discovered Leicester's Fair Trade Shop and the shop that holds all my future Christmas and birthday presents!

Later on we went to The Dry Dock, which is a boat that has been converted into a pub, nothing much to tell here, but look how awesome it is!


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