Tuesday 12 February 2013

I Heart Leicester Part 2: Mirch Masala

One thing I love about Leicester is it's multi-cultural, and a 2011 census revealed that 15% of Leicester's population are Hindu. This means that Leicester is quite accommodating to a vegetarian diet, as many Hindus are vegetarian (but not necessarily).

The Boy recommended we visited Mirch Masala, which is a vegetarian restaurant that not only offers Indian cuisine but also serves Indo-Chinese, Italian and Mexican (and also some more "British" options for the traditionalist ;-) ).  In addition, a lot of it's options are vegan or can be made vegan.

We started with Mogo Pili Pili, which are cassava chips in a spicy sauce, and nachos.

Cassava chips

I'd never had cassava before, but it tasted similar to potato, but with a firmer texture. I will be keeping an eye out for it at my local Asian supermarket and at the 'exotic fruit and veg' stall at my local market.

For mains, we ordered a meal each and shared them between the six of us. I went for chana (chickpea) masala and a masala naan.

Chana Masala
Masala naan
The chana masala was really nice, I'm usually not a fan of chickpea curries and only went for it because I was craving a masala, but I'm glad I took the chance.

We also had a curry platter, chilli paneer, vegetable hakka noodles and a magarita pizza- well, why not?

chilli paneer
curry platter
vegetable hakka noodles
Here is a picture of my plate of food:

Not a fake meat product in sight!
By the time we finished, we all felt like we wouldn't need to eat for a week!

If you're ever in Leicester, you should definitely give this place a go.

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