Monday 26 November 2012

Roots Manoeuvre Curry (Vegan)

Things have been so busy at work lately, I've been leaving the house at 6:30am and then not getting back until 6-7ish. So the last think on my mind is cooking, and I'm not too fond of beans on toast!

So I've taken to making one big meal to eat during the week and as curries work well with this method, last week was a Thai inspired curry, but this week I decided on something more Indian.

I got turnips and carrots in my veg box this week, and I never get round to using the potatoes I get every week, so Abel and Cole's roots manoeuvre curry looked ideal as you can add pretty much any root veg and any other veg you have lying around.  I settled on potatoes, turnips and carrots.  But I was very tempted to roast some broccoli too because, as proved previously, roasted broccoli rocks.

This is a vegan curry, but I had some left over sour cream and chives from making nachos over the weekend, so I dolloped some on which went really well with the curry, but you could always use an alternative if you desire.

The curry was really nice, I think veg tastes so much nicer roasted and was worth the extra effort, plus they retain far more nutrients than boiling. If I made it again I would probably add more potatoes as I parboiled them as you would when making roast potatoes which is unsurprisingly nice. I found this out when visiting a very popular Indian restaurant in Bolton called The Royal Balti House for my Birthday, the website isn't that impressive but it is very popular and was featured on an episode of Phoenix Nights and it was my Parent's local Indian when I was a kid (and I wouldn't touch curry because it looked weird, even though I liked the smell!). Anyway, getting back to the point I had a curry from said restaurant and they roasted the potatoes, and ever since I've been obsessed with roast potatoes in curries!

This would also be an ideal thing to make using left overs from a Sunday roast.

The real faff is grinding the spices, luckily I have a pestle and mortar that I stole from The Boy, but I guess wrapping the spices in a cloth (or sandwich bag) and bashing with a rolling pin would work just as well.

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