Sunday 24 November 2013

David Bann Edinburgh

Last Christmas, The Boy got a Gift Experience voucher for unusual places to stay.  Most turned out to be just your average B&B, but when we spotted the New Lanark Mill Hotel our minds were made up and we booked a room for our anniversary in September. The hotel was in a amazing setting, and we thoroughly enjoyed our time there (I definitely recommend checking it out if you fancy a short break).  Whilst we were there, we decided to explore Edinburgh.

Whilst we were in Edinburgh, we visited David Bann, which is a entirely vegetarian restaurant.  I can't recall what starters we had, however I know mine contained smoked tofu- which lead to the discovery that I do not like smoked tofu- it tastes too much like fish!

For mains, I had the chilli pancake with chocolate sauce and griddled courgette and butternut squash (now served with sweet potato instead), I skipped on the crème fraiche to make it vegan and The Boy had a sort of mushroom Wellington which is no longer on the menu.

I now understand why they recommend putting dark chocolate with chilli, the sauce worked really well and the hint of the chocolate with the bean chilli was lovely. Unfortunately The Boy had mixed thoughts on his main, he found the Wellington a bit on the stodgy side.

For dessert, keeping on the vegan side, I opted for a chocolate sorbet, whereas The Boy went for ginger and lime ice cream and orange cake.  This was probably the best presented dishes I have ever seen (I don't do posh restaurants) and it went down better than the Wellington.

This is definitely one of the pricier places we have visited, as we usually stick to the cheaper food chains that you can find in shopping centres (I'm talking more Tampopo than Maccy Ds!) however this was definitely a great experience on a special occasion and I would definitely recommend it if you're in Edinburgh and want something on the fancy side :-)

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