Sunday 17 November 2013


I thought I would start doing a couple of blog posts on the products I use on a regular basis, and new products I discover.  In recent months I've been making an effort to cut down on the amount of dairy and eggs I eat.  Although I'm definitely not fully vegan, I would say that I manage to follow a vegan diet around 95% of the time.  Therefore a lot of products (if not all) will be vegan friendly.  I haven't been paid by any of the companies below to write any reviews, and have bought all products myself.

Apart from their all butter pastry and sweet shortcrust products, all Jus-Rol products are vegan, me and The Boy are big fans of their Pain Au Chocolate from the Bake-it fresh range and often have them as a Sunday morning breakfast treat instead of a fry up.

Usually, we have to go to the Sainburys  in Bolton town centre to get these, but now our local ASDA has cottoned on and started to stock them as well, they also stock one of the new products in this range- cinnamon swirls.  Being a big fan of anything cinnamon, we decided to give them a whirl and they didn't disappoint!

The range also includes croissants, apple Danish (which is new and I really want to try) and more savoury items such as garlic bread and focaccia.  The list of ingredients is enough to give you a headache, so they're more of an occasional treat than an everyday item, however they are so easy to make as well as making the kitchen smell heavenly!

Naan bread- surprise find
Usually, naan bread isn't vegans as they often use ghee in the production.  Therefore in my quest to follow a more vegan diet, I've been eating rotis, which are fine but not the same and not being able to have naan bread has been the hardest thing of the diet change.  So when I was shopping at the Asian stall at Bolton Market I was excited when I spotted these- HUGE naan breads by The Clay Oven Bakery that were marked as vegan friendly.  No only were they vegan friendly, the ingredients list was a LOT shorter than a lot of the other commercial naan breads. They come in a pack of three and cost £1.69 which is a bargain considering the size of em- one naan is big enough for two people so there are six servings here.  I got the plain ones but they also do chilli naans as well as garlic and coriander naans, however these were not in stock or else those would have been my first choice (garlic is awesome!).

Cider is one of favourite tipples, unfortunately, like a lot of alcoholic drinks it suffers from the problem of companies using isinglass in the production.  However, I'm lucky that a lot of my favourite ciders are free of animal products.

One of my favourite brands is Weston's ciders, with their Vintage being my preferred choice.  However, when we saw this bottle in our local ASDA, after weeks of looking at it longingly, we knew we had to have it, if not just for the bottle.

Given my love of Westons, I was very happy to discover that Wetherspoons are currently selling Weston's Mulled Cider.  I can confirm that is scrummy.

Unfortunately, Kopparburg is not vegetarian or vegan friendly, however Rekorderlig is and that will do for me.  I usually drink the Strawberry and Lime one however The Boy picked up their new orange and ginger flavour at our local Lidl.  As I was going teetotal at the time for Sober October I was unable to have any, however I'm desperate to try it.

And finally, although this isn't cider, it is still made of apples so I'm putting it in this category anyway, Costa are doing a new hot spiced apple drink that I tried for the first time this week. It's very Christmassy and more importantly- scrummy!

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