Wednesday 6 November 2013

New York: East Village

Well it took four months but I've finally got round to finishing what I started!

This post is dedicated to the awesomeness of the East Village, which reminded me of the Northern Quarter in Manchester.

The East Village seems to be the alternative district of New York, and I had read about some of the places from reading Vegan In Brighton's blog- which I would recommend reading, especially if you plan to go travelling pretty much anywhere!

We ended up going there with an aim of going to a place named Pukk however, we were unable to find it. We did end up finding a place called Atlas Cafe and stopped to have a quick drink.

However, this place wasn't my favourite thing about the East Village. It was the wonder that is Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market is like a giant superstore chain that seems to be all over the USA.  However, unlike normal UK superstores, they sell lots of vegan/vegetarian stuff, including the 'famous' Daiya vegan cheese, which I bought a block of to bring home.

I also grabbed a box of Sweet and Sara marshmallows.  I never used to be that fussed about marshmallows before becoming vegetarian, but because vegetarian/vegan marshmallows tend to be 'artisan' they do taste a lot nicer, and I could really taste the vanilla in these.

We were so impressed, we came back on our last day with reinforcement in the shape of The Boy's twin brother, who also happens to be vegetarian. On our second visit, I bought this amazing vegan chocolate cake, which obviously I had started to eat before remembering to take this picture.

I can confirm, it was as tasty as it looks.  I also bought these vegan cinnamon pastry things (to be honest, I just saw it contained cinnamon and it was a done deal) which I ate on the train on the way back to Manchester from London.  They were also tasty.

That just about concludes my New York blogs, it took a while but I got there. I do plan to be a bit more active with the blogging. So except more news soon(ish).

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