Tuesday 5 May 2015

Tropic Skincare Lash Extension Kit

I really don't bother with fake eyelashes, partly because I'm too low maintenance for all that hassle and partly because some of them just look like you super glued two dead spiders on your face!

However, I got given Tropic's lash extension kit as part of my starter kit.  This kit doesn't involve spending ages in front of the mirror try to stick a pair of ridiculous fake lashes on, instead it simply consists of a fixing gel and extension fibres.

You start with a coat of the fixing gel, which can be used on it's own as an every day mascara, followed immediately with a coat of the lash extension fibres.  Leave for 20 seconds and then finish with a coat of the fixing gel. And that's it, done!

And if you want SUPER long lashes, you can repeat the cycle as many times as you like to get the desired result.

The great thing is, that despite it not being a waterproof mascara it doesn't run.  But comes off easily at night when you actually want to take it off, so no more panda eyes!

The results look really natural, I've used it both with just the fixing gel and with the extension fibres and it's become my everyday mascara.  A lot better than my old Body Shop waterproof one that just use to run anyway and then STILL left me with panda eyes the next morning!

It's pricier than other mascaras, but since you get an every day mascara PLUS something more dramatic for fancier occasions it's worth the price. And all Tropic products are vegan society and BUAV approved with no nasty chemicals.

You can buy Tropic's Lash Extension Kit on my online shop:

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