Wednesday 20 May 2015

Vegan in Madrid- Part 2

If I was travelling with fellow vegans in Madrid, I would have just eaten my way round all of Madrid's vegan establishment, of which there are plenty.  However as I was travelling with three omnis and a veggie I had to make a compromise.  In addition to the usual suspects (Italian and Indian), we also visited some veggie friendly places.

The first place we visited was La Pizzateca, near Anton Martin Subway station. A pizzeria that sold a vegan pizza, complete with vegan cheese. We had a 20 minute wait whilst they cooked the pizza but fortunately, they had lots of interesting arty books to help pass the time,  This one was my favourite, it was pretty bizarre and I really couldn't read the Spanish explanations.  I hope it wasn't anything too horrific?!

Although they had a few seats where you could eat your pizza inside, we decided to get them to takeaway and took them back to the hotel which was several metro stops away and involved changing lines, so by the time we got back they were cold.  Luckily I like cold pizza.

The pizza was pretty decent, the courgette was finely sliced and well cooked, although it was not Violife the cheese was nice and melted well.  It's a shame they didn't do any mock meats, as I think it would have made it more memorable. Although I should be more grateful that I found a pizza place with vegan cheese really!

The second place we went to was for a quick lunch at a place called Bolero meatball, which is (unsurprisingly) a meatball place that sells vegan meatballs.  The meatballs themselves contain quinoa and tofu along other ingredients.  The menu is completely in Spanish and is a little confusing, but basically you order your meatballs and then you can choose to have them on their own (platter), on a sandwich, or with rice, chips or pasta. I went for meatballs with rice and we took a seat whilst we waited for our meal.  I really liked this slogan on the wall.

Once your food is ready, you are called to go and collect it. I got a bit panicky when I saw them sprinkling something that looked like cheese on mine, but when I asked the waitress it turns out that it was peanut pieces, as the vegan meatballs come with a peanut sauce.

OMG! This was delicious! The sauce was amazing, and this meal was my favourite of the entire trip.  However I wish I'd also got a portion of chips too as I managed to nick one of The Boy's chips before he smothered them in mayo on purpose so I couldn't nick anymore and they were great too.  I really regret not getting the chance to go here again.

This was it in terms of vegan/vegan friendly places we visited in Madrid, well apart from the standard Italian and Indian places. I would say the food in Madrid on occasion is slightly more expensive than you might find in other areas of Spain, but it is the capital city and for the whole visit we never spent over the equivalent of £10.50 for a meal- well barring my Loving Hut splurge that still probably didn't even come to £15! I really loved Madrid, and my next Madrid post will be able things to do in the city other than eat!


  1. Oooh, the meatball place sounds super good. I like that you get to pick how you eat your balls!

  2. Wow looks like you had an amazing time xx