Tuesday 24 April 2012

A Spring 'Taste of Trafford'

Last Sunday we visited Trafford's Spring Food Festival in Altrincham (are you getting the hint that I'm a bit obsessed with food festivals yet?!).

It was quite a small event and took place in Altrincham's market. The Vegetarian Society's Cordon Vert cookery school were there giving cookery demonstrations throughout the day (which makes sense as the VegSoc headquarters is 15 minutes down the road!) and I managed to scrounge a free taster of the Breakfast wrap with crispy tofu and egg omelette, which was interesting, I never considered tortillas for breakfast!

As well as the cookery demonstrations, they were giving out recipe cards and booklets, I really like the one titled 'Season to taste' which gives recipes for each month depending on what is in season.

As for the rest of the festival, there was quite a selection of independent companies selling food items, including the lovely Lush Brownies (their triple chocolate brownie was divine- lovely and moist in the middle!), Fudgebox with their amazing flavoured fudges and gourmet handmade nut roasts from Thank Goodness! (for their online store delivery is £5 and the minimum order is one box of 4 x 350g nut roast, or 3 x 500g nut roast, however order 4 boxes and delivery is free so it's worth stocking up!).

As for the food at the festival, I thought the vegetarian options were quite limited although this seems to be the case for most festivals. I ended up with a Mediterranean vegetable pasta bake from Bespoke Food Company, where all the food was vegetarian, the only other option (apart from loitering around Cordon Vert and filling up on free samples) was a savoury crepe and I'm not a lover of crepes in general, especially not savoury ones. I was disappointed that a lot of the other stalls didn't offer veggie options.

All in all it was a good day, I'm not too sure if I would visit again, it would depend on how we got there as we ended up on the Metrolink which was £4.30 return, and given that you could go round the market in around an hour or less I don't think it was worth the transport cost.  Another issue was the festival's own currency, which was something called Tesetas (£1= 1 teseta) and was available in books of five (£5) which meant people ended up spending more than they needed, however a lot of the stalls also took proper money and apparently any unused tesetas could be used at participating restaurants in Trafford for a specified period.

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