Wednesday 3 October 2012

Alpro Hazelnut drink

OMG you (un)lucky people! Two posts in one day, you must think Christmas has come early!

Truth is, I've found myself with and unexpected free evening as a friend ditched me to prepare for an interview tomorrow (good luck K, I hope you get it so we can go out and buy pretty things!) so I thought I would catch up on some blogging.

I've tried many different milk alternatives before, with different levels of success:

Soy milk: soy milk is weird. You know how no matter what company makes your milk, it always takes the same? This isn't the case for soy milk, I've tried different brands and they've all tasted completely different.  Some tasted really creamy, which I don't like but I did manage to find one I did like- Alpro's light unsweetened soy milk which is a lot more 'watery' than others.

Hemp milk: this stuff was just horrid, I think I threw most of this away, which is very unlike me even if I don't like something I will try not to throw it out.  Before going veggie I bought a block of parmesan and discovered I do not like parmesan. However I continued to use all of it instead of throwing it away. Perhaps hemp oil would taste better?

Coconut milk: by Kara, this stuff was OK, it was the only milk alternative that I could put in coffee without it tasting rank. However it way nothing to get excited about.

Anyway, I found myself without any milk, so I was forced to go to ASDA to refresh supplies. I always feel a bit guilty about buying milk from ASDA as I have doubts about the welfare standards of the cows used to produced the milk, plus there is the even though they caved in and agreed to pay their farmers a 'fair' price for milk, it only just covers the price of production.

So I decide to try a nut milk after hearing so many good reviews, and I saw ASDA had an offer on Alpro's hazelnut milk so though I'd give it a go.

IT IS AMAZING! I love this drink, it does taste a little nutty and with coffee it tastes like hazelnut latte :-) It also tastes good with porridge.

I like this so much that I'm really tempted to hoard it while ASDA are selling it for £1.

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  1. A pound? That's amazing! I like the almond milk but it's £1.50 a go! Lucky for me I like asda own unsweetened soya milk at 59p a go :) ybbf x