Thursday 11 October 2012

Comfort Food

As a child, every now and then my Dad use to make what I fondly remember as Friday tea. Unlike many traditional families, this did not involve a visit to the local chippy, instead this meal consisted of breaded chicken goujons and skinny fries, with mayonnaise.

I LOVED it! I was never allowed fries, so it was very much a treat.

I'd not thought about it until I was browsing in my local ASDA and saw a £2 trial pack for Quorn's chicken style goujons and I just HAD to have them! They had been sitting in my freezer for around about a week and I've obsessed over them constantly, but the 'bad' thing about getting a veg box is that it removes any need to eat junk as everything you need for a healthy meal is already there.

I had planned to do something with the aubergine tonight, but it's cold, wet, dark and I had to get the later train home and I was off swimming. In summary I didn't feel like preparing vegetables, I just wanted something I could just whack in the oven for 20 minutes.  So goujons and curly fries it was!

I decided to make it healthier than it was in my childhood so I added some garden peas with a small dollop of garlic butter, as well as a bit of hummus I used with the left over chickpeas and lemon juice from last night's tea.  I have no Mayo, so I artistically drizzled some ketchup!

It was so good, the goujons were satisfying, as there were an uneven number of goujons (7), I decided it was best to have them all! It's is SUCH a child's tea but you know what? Sometimes that is just what you need :-)

Disclaimer: I've noticed a few bloggers putting disclaimers on the bottom of posts if they had received any payment or freebies etc. for blogging about a product.  Therefore I would like to add that I did not receive and freebies or payment for this post and my views are my own.  Neither have I ever receive any freebies or payment for any previous products I have mentioned, I wish I did. That would be awesome!

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