Thursday 4 September 2014

Apple Thursday: Some of my favorite apple recipes.

Today’s apple recipe was a disaster- I tried to make apple and cinnamon porridge but I was being lazy and decided I couldn't be bothered grating the apples and then having to wash the grater so I decided to just try and finely chop the apple.

Unfortunately it was horrid, and I ended up throwing it in the bin and having crumpets instead.

So I'm just going to list my favourite ways to use up apples. All the recipes come from one of my favourite blogs- We Don’t EatAnything With A Face, although this is a vegetarian blog a lot of the recipes are vegan or can be easily adapted to make vegan.

Chocolate Orange Cupcakes: this is my favourite chocolate cupcake recipe and produces great results every time.  The grated apple acts as a binder and I love the idea of using marmalade to give the cupcakes their orange flavour, however I’m sure that you could leave this out to make a basic chocolate cupcake. These cakes are rich and extremely moist and will dismiss myths of dry vegan cake. 

Apple Cake: I make this the most as it uses up the most apples! This cake again is super moist and I love adding copious amounts of mixed spice to give it a great smell. I took this into work a lot last year and my colleagues loved it.

Mincemeat: I avoided mincemeat and mince pies until about two years ago, don’t get me wrong, I knew it didn't actually contain meat but I was put off by the name. But then I finally tried a mince pie, and although I'm not as obsessed with them as my Dad, I do like the occasional one near Christmas.  As well as using the mincemeat to make your own mince pies, this also makes a great homemade Christmas gift which I like to give to our neighbours and friend’s parents.  Plus it uses a LOT of apples!

You can also view my collection of apple recipes on Pinterest.

One thing I would like to try this year is making my own apple sauce as I’ve seen it used a lot in American recipes, however here in the UK you can only get it in small jars and it is used more as a condiment.  I’d love to know if any American readers have a basic apple sauce recipe I could try?


  1. Thanks! I'll give it a go. I've found a recipe for doing it in a crockpot too, which is tempting!

  2. Oh no! MoFo fail! Who like porridge anyway right? That apple cake sounds great!

    1. I know! You should try the apple cake, very nice drowned in Alpro custard too :-)