Sunday 21 September 2014

Monday Bake- Snickerdoodles

I'm not too good at baking cookies, when I tried making them before going vegan I never spaced them out enough and always ended up with giant monster cookies that broke up as soon as I lifted them out the tray. 

However, I recently bought a pack of Orgran no egg so I thought I'd have my first go at making vegan cookies. After having my first ever snickerdoodle at January's Cake Liberation Front meet up I thought I'd give the snickerdoodle recipe in Ms Cupcake's book a go.

All was going well, apart from not having quite enough brown sugar but that was no biggie, I just made up the full amount with more caster sugar. I made them into balls, rolled them in sugar and placed them on my brand new large baking trays, ready to go in the oven. 

The trays were too big for the oven.


So I put them in my two roasting trays. Only problem is I have one large baking tray which I managed to fit nine cookies on, but my smaller one could only fit six. Which left me with raw cookie dough. Mmm raw cookie dough!

Eurgh! I really don't like raw snickerdoodle dough, it's far too sickly. Plan B- take out the first batch and use a pizza tray to cook the the rest of the cookies.

The results were OK, the cookies on the large roasting tin were quite big and I did have some merging. But I could easily separate them and they didn't fall apart when I moved them.

The ones on the small roasting tray had merged, but again separated easily.

The best results were the ones on the pizza tray. For this batch I'd read the instructions more thoroughly and instead of flattening the balls of dough before I put them in the oven, I put them in rolled up in a ball. During cooking the naturally spread out, and tapping them on a work surface when taking them out of the oven made them flatten out. Leaving perfectly round cookies!

They tasted delicious with a lovely crunchy outside but were beautifully soft inside. The cinnamon taste really came through and I will definitely be making these on the run up to christmas and serve them with a nice cup of hot chocolate or mulled wine.


  1. Mmm they look tasty. All these Christmassy spices are the best part of summer closing up!

  2. The last batch are perfect!! Sometimes it takes me a couple of tries to realise I haven't been following the instructions properly!

  3. Snickerdoodles... that is an awesome name! They look delicious :)