Tuesday 2 September 2014

What I ate Tuesday

The idea behind this theme is simple, I will just photograph what I eat on Tuesdays!

OK, so I get up at 6am and set off for work at 6:30, so I tend to just grab a coffee and take something to work to eat later.

Oops, the picture is a little blurry- well it was 6:15 in the morning.

I found replacing cow's milk in my coffee the hardest part of my transition towards being vegan.  So despite being a bit pricey, I use almond milk- it doesn't curdle and I find the taste more neutral than other types. I like Blue Diamond unsweetened almond milk the best, but if I find Alpro's on offer I can be swayed.

Breakfast was Alpro plain yogurt, with nutty muesli, milled linseeds, raisins and dried cranberries with a drizzle of maple syrup.

The muesli and linseeds were both from Lidl. Both are marked vegan and there are quite a few different flavours of the linseeds.

Lunch was leftovers from yesterday's tea- roasted vegetable thai curry (I added both red and green food paste) with a pot of micro rice and some leftover chilli naan bread- yes I know naan bread doesn't really go with thai curries!

Curry includes roast cauliflower, carrots broccoli and brussel sprouts. I've put it in a larger container so that I can pour the cooked rice in and cut down on the dishes!
We like our curry sauces quite thick, and usually indulge with thai curries by using coconut cream. However this time I used coconut milk and thickened it up with a bit of cornflour.

ASDA do these great individual pots of micro rice in packs of two for £1. They're great for taking to work.

The naans I get are made by a company called The Clay Oven Bakery and are marked as vegan.  I get them from a stall on Bolton market- £1.69 for pack of three HUGE naan breads- and when I say huge, one will serve 2 people so a pack is the equivalent of six servings. They come in plain, garlic and coriander and chilli flavour. the picture below is a torn off section of one.

ASDA are selling Nakd bars at 60p at the moment, so I bought a load for work snacks, I really love them- I get my chocolate fix along with a bit of fruit! Today was chocolate orange.

For tea we had mushroom risotto, I just roughly followed the instructions on the back of the risotto rice from ASDA. I added red onions from our garden and your average button mushrooms. Instead of vegetable stock, I mixed in a bit of Hendersons Relish into water.

I also added roasted pine nuts, nooch and some mushroom bruschetta spread from Francas in Bolton, which I mentioned in this post.

For dessert, I had some of the wine that I used for making the risotto and a few blocks of the dark belgian chocolate, hazelnut and orange bar from Chocolate Magic.

Cheers x

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