Saturday 20 September 2014

Pizza Saturday

I'm doing quite well with my themes this week! After all the activities of the beginning of September this is the first week I've stuck to the plan. I'm super impressed that I've managed to do a post a day, although I think next time I need to be more organised and do stuff in advance. I feel that some posts lack quality because I've been trying to do them after a busy day, with lots of other stuff I need to do as well.

Anyway, it's pizza day! 

The boy is working a 12 hour shift today, which means it's pizza for one.  The Boy's speciality is pizza, and he makes his own pizza dough.  I on the other hand have no patience with doughs or pastries, so I get the ready made ones.  Home Bargains sell Napolina pizza bases and recently it was on offer so I stocked up. It does make me laugh that they describe these as large pizza bases, but maybe I'm just greedy.

I was never really that crazy about cheese, however I like cheese on a pizza purely because it helps to keep toppings on.  For today's pizza I'd treated myself to some Violife pizza cheese.  I LOVE their cheese slices however I hadn't tried the pizza cheese but I'd heard it melted well so I was very excited!

For the pizza sauce, I used this recipe, I'd made this before and it's super easy. You just chuck it all in a blender for a few minutes, the most labour intensive part is peeling and chopping the garlic. You could leave the garlic out or use a smidge of garlic powder if you wanted to be really lazy. 

I love to load my pizza with toppings, I was never a fan of the boring margarita.  Today I used all my favorite pizza toppings- green olives (black would go better but I didn't have any), red onion (home grown), pineapple and sweet corn. I also added some seitan sausages I made for Seitan Sunday (recipe and review to follow tomorrow).  

I thought I'd put a load of cheese on, but when I took it out it didn't look very cheesy. I doubt this has anything to do with the cheese itself as I tend to underestimate the amount of cheese I need on a pizza. 

See what I mean about these bases not being large- they don't even fill the pizza tray!

The garlic veganaise I had at Cat Bar in Barcelona, had reminded me how much I love garlic mayonnaise. So when I did a Real Foods order this week, I added this Really! Not Dairy roasted garlic mayonnaise to my order. I love it, it tastes just like garlic mayonnaise. I thought it would go great on the pizza.

The base was OK, I prefer The Boy's homemade bases and we do them nice and thin but this one was neither a pan or thin and crispy base.  I really loved the Violife pizza cheese and I thought it melted well and tasted pretty creamy and authentic. I would say that black olives would have tasted nicer but I'm more of a green olive fan so a jar of black olives would have been wasted. However overall, this was a pretty good pizza and I was getting pretty stuffed by the end.

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  1. Your pizza looks good! I don't think I've ever had one with mayo on! :)