Monday 29 September 2014

Monday Bakes- Blueberry Lemon Drizzle Loaf

This weekend I made the blueberry and lemon drizzle loaf from Ms Cupcake for my friend's birthday party.  However, it went a bit wrong and when I went to tip it out the loaf tin it just fell apart!

So I salvaged what I could and put individual pieces in muffin case in an attempt to make it look like I intended to serve little pieces of cake!

Despite them being a bit of disaster, they went down really well and someone even commented that they could tell they were vegan- WIN!

The best part? I put the little bits of broken up cake in a container just for me :-)


  1. So annoying when things like that happen. I had a fail with a recipe from that book too although everything else has been good. Well salvaged with the cake bites idea :)