Sunday 7 September 2014

Kitchen Tour: Part 2

I took a load of pictures for part 1 of my tour, which I felt would have made the post a bit too long if I had put them in, so here is part 2, which delves into my cupboards.

Please note, The Boy is an omni, and I tried my best to remove non vegan things (but vegetarian, he rarely buys meat to keep in the kitchen), but if you spot the odd non-vegan item in this post I apologise!

The first cupboard on the left is where we keep sweet treats, hot chocolates (The Whittards Tiramisu hot chocolate in the picture is actually vegan), Christmas mugs and the pestle and mortar which is on the top shelf. Please note, the Cadbury's tin is in fact the biscuit tin and no longer contains mini fingers (which of course are not vegan)- I just can't let a good tin go to waste! You may also just about see some vegan chocolate Halva from Lidl which is hiding in the bottom right hand corner, it is delicious but addictive!

Next stop is the cupboard where we keep savoury items, being 5ft 2 and a half means I have to think carefully about how I arrange my cupboards as I can't reach the top shelf without a stool. Given this, you might find it strange that grains, lentils and nuts are on the top shelf, so only accessible by stool. However, in most cases, these items are often the first thing you start to cook, so it's easier to get the stool (front the living room) at the start.

The next cupboard is above the cooker. This cupboard holds stuff that we don't use often- spare spices and other random items. I tend to keep glass jars after we've finished with them and use them to store stuff in.

This is our baking cupboard, on the right hand side of the cooker. It's a bit rammed!!

This is where we keep cereals, linseeds, tupperware and our kitchen scales. I have an obsession with tupperware and The Boy has to drag me away from the tupperware sections at supermarkets. However, I think I wouldn't be so obsessed if after The Boy had used the tupperware for lunch at work he brought it back and not just leave it in the car, which makes me think we haven't got enough!

The last (interesting) cupboard is our glasses cupboard. As you can see nothing matches, which I think is far more interesting. On the top you can see various Nestle mugs from easter eggs that I acquired over the years before going vegan. I've decided I don't want them anymore and at some point will be going to a charity shop.

Coming up in Part 3- things in the kitchen I love.


  1. This is really interesting! You have some awesome stuff in your kitchen. Nice mugs :)

  2. I like your cupboard set-up. I need to go through my cupboards at some point soon and reorganize. I feel inspired!