Sunday 21 September 2014

Seitan Sunday

For this week's Seitan Sunday I made Simple Italian Sausages using this recipe from PPK.

I subbed butter beans for the navy/great northern beans that the recipe suggests, because I have tons of butter beans in my freezer from when I decided to cook and freeze all my dried pulses. And also because I haven't a clue what navy or great northern beans are, and I doubt I'll find them in ASDA.

I also subbed smoked paprika for the sweet paprika, as thats what I had in.

Other than that I just stuck to the recipe, which was pretty simple to follow.

I decided to put half of one on last night's pizza and ate the rest whilst waiting for the pizza to cook. It had quite a strong aniseed taste, and I'm not the biggest fan of aniseed. Knowing this, I should have really either left the fennel out or subbed it for something else, but I'm a bugger for just following recipes!

However, on the pizza the aniseed taste was masked by the other flavours and it didn't taste too bad.

I also had another half of one on a tofu omelette I made for breakfast this morning. I also added some Violife pizza cheese, a decent amount this time- look how melty it is!

Again, mixed in with other things the aniseed taste wasn't too strong.

I definitely would make these again, but I would perhaps replace the fennel with crushed cumin seeds.

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  1. I always use either cannellini or butter beans in that seitan recipe.