Tuesday 23 September 2014

What I Ate Tuesday

As usual, the day started off with a coffee.  I’m trying to do Martin Lewis’s downshift challenge, so I downgraded my soy milk further, and went for Sainsbury’s basic unsweetened soy milk.

It doesn't taste that bad, I still prefer almond milk but I think I’ll stick to this unless almond milk is on offer.

Breakfast was Alpro vanilla yogurt, with raisins, dried cranberries, linseed mix and nutty muesli in my new Hello Kitty tub.

I usually sub soya yoghurt for sour cream in wraps so I usually get the plain one and this was the first time I’d had the vanilla. I really loved this flavour and I’ll definitely get it again.

Recording what I've been eating over these last few weeks has made me realise just how rubbish my diet has been lately.  So this week I'm trying to be a bit healthier, today's lunch was a salad with radishes, olives, spinach, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and some leftover sweet potato and lentil loaf from Sunday’s roast dinner. I served this with the carrot and ginger dressing from Appetite for Reduction.

Snacks through the day included some carrot and cucumber sticks with hummus (another Appetite for Reduction recipe) and a nakd bar.  

As The Boy went to Scarborough today, I was cooking for myself for tea.  So I had the last of the sausages I made for Seitan Sunday with left over garlic and rosemary roasties, peas, sweetcorn and gravy. I was running out of gravy granules so had to be a bit more reserved, usually I use far more gravy than this!

After eating all that, I felt pretty stuffed. But then I remembered we still had lots of snickerdoodles left and suddenly I didn't feel as full anymore. So I had one. OK, I had two.


  1. That looks like such a great day of food, today I ate a lot of toast and um, more toast and then takeout! I also love your Hello Kitty tub! Tomorrow I'm totally going to eat a vegetable.

  2. Oh, wow, that last plate looks so, so good! :)