Tuesday 16 September 2014

What I Ate Tuesday

This morning started off with a cup of coffee as usual.

My milk of choice is normally almond milk, having tried several soy milks and not liking any of them. However, I’m trying to cut costs so gave Sainsbury’s own brand unsweetened soy milk a go.
I was pleasantly surprised, it didn't curdle in the coffee and wasn't as creamy as other soy milks I've tried- something that put me off other brands in the past.

I took my breakfast to eat at work- porridge with linseeds and smidge of ASDA’s Free From chocolate hazelnut spread made up with the soy milk. It dawned on me on the way to work that I’d ran out of raisins and therefore my porridge was missing a vital element.  If you put raisins into porridge before warming up in the microwave (instead of after) they plump up and go nice and juicy.

For snacks I had another Nakd bar, which have now been reduced to 25p in ASDA on certain flavours.  I don't know why this picture keeps coming out the wrong way round!

Lunch was the ‘corned beef’ seitan with Heinz fruity sauce on Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference granary bread.   I use Heinz fruity sauce in place of regular boring brown sauce- try it, you’ll never look back! And I love the bread that they serve with the vegan breakfast at Kitchen on Great Moor Street and for ages I assumed it was homemade, one day I asked where they got it and was surprised when they said it was Sainsbury’s Taste the Different bread!

I had a driving lesson after work, so I bought a snack and a drink (because driving makes me thirsty!).  Some of the SPARs in Manchester City Centre sell a range of Forest Foods product, which are a vegetarian food company based in Chorlton. They sell a range of vegan products and I usually go for the mushroom and sage roll, but they had sold out so I got a vegan chimichanga instead. 

I thought the chimichanga was quite bland and not something I'd get again. My driving drink of choice was my usual Levi Roots Caribbean Crush.

Tea was a surprise tea- I went through a period of cooking in bulk and freezing portions.  However, unlike many who suggest labelling stuff up when you freeze them I thought I would just be able to remember what is what. Turns out I can’t, so now I have a freezer full of what I like to call mystery meals and now and again I’ll defrost one when I'm feeling lazy.  I'm always slightly terrified that I’ve frozen a portion of the Isa’s meaty beany chilli that I accidentally added to much chilli powder too.  

I think this week's meal was my first attempt at making the slow cooker rice and bean burritos mentioned in this post, which I made too watery.  I'd made some rice to go with it, before realising it already had rice in it! We had it with a baguette.

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  1. I love the idea of mystery meals! I'm a bit anal about labelling freezer meals with the contents and dates; although that's probably because my toddler eats them and I don't want him to get ill.