Friday 12 September 2014

C-A-L-F Cafe, Scarborough

I totally didn't have time yesterday to do my Apple Thursday blog post, this is because we were in Scarborough visiting The Boy's twin brother.

I had been aware of C-A-L-F Cafe for quite a while now, when I first heard that we might be visiting at some point I started looking up places on Happy Cow (as you do) and C-A-L-F is the only place listed on Happy Cow in Scarborough.  The 100% vegan cafe helps to fund the C-A-L-F sanctuary, which rescues ex farm animals.

We arrived in Scarborough around lunch time, after over a three hour drive (Scarborough is further away than we thought!) and headed straight to the cafe which is on a fairly central road in Scarborough quite near the sea front.

Whilst researching this place, I found out that the outside of the cafe had been painted to look like a cow, which makes it super easy to spot!

From my experience of other vegan/vegetarian cafes, I was expecting the inside to be a lot plainer, with the school canteen style that seems to be adopted by most places. However, I was totally wrong, and the inside is just as impressive as the outside.  C-A-L-F also has a craft shop and an online stop and all their goodies are displayed around the cafe.

We took a table, which are all labelled up as all the different animals they have rescued, so instead of having to remember a table number when you go up to order, you remember the animal- we went and sat at the cow table.

After browsing their impressive regular menu and weekly specials, we both settled on burgers, I went for the mock chicken burger and fries, whereas The Boy opted for the mexican burger with homemade chips.

My mock chicken burger was super tasty, chicken burgers use to be a favorite when I was an omni and the texture was spot on. The Boy really enjoyed his  burger as well, and for once ate it all at once, like a normal person instead of eating each component separately which is what he usually does. The salad on the burgers included a few red and green grapes, which was novel, but it totally worked.

For some reason I only took a picture of the fries, but we ended up splitting the two types of potato between us, and we both agreed that the homemade fries were the best.

I was planning on having a dessert, and I had my eye on the gingerbread ice cream sundae on the specials menu, but I was far too stuffed after finishing the burger and chips. Instead I decided to get a cake to take away and had my eye on something that looked chocolately on the counter. 

However, when I got there I noticed they were selling handmade rum truffles. something I've loved from being a kid (I remember scoffing a box full of them sat in front of tv!) so I settled on a pack of them instead. I would take a picture, but in my excitement over rum truffles, I forgot that we were planning on walking around scarborough on a warm sunny day, and as a result they all melted! I've shoved them in the fridge to solidify again, but if you want a photo, check out their online shop.

Both myself and The Boy were super impressed by this cafe, however due to lack of business the cafe is only open Thursday-Sunday 12-4, which is such a shame as it funds such a good cause and the food is amazing. If you're ever in Scarborough I highly recommend C-A-L-F cafe. 

Before you go, I want to leave you with a few picture of Peasholm park.  Apart from yesterday I only remember going to Scarborough once on a camping holiday. I was very young and don't remember much, other than it was cold, wet and windy (I have a picture of my Dad in a dashing 80's patterned jumper near the seafront in the middle of summer). Therefore before this trip it wasn't a place I had any desire to visit. However, I have been won over- and my obsession with all things Yorkshire continues!

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